Enjoy your wedding

When planning a wedding there are many decisions to be made but few rules to follow. In fact, there is total freedom of choice in the way of theme, colors and design. Usually these choices are heavily dependent on budget. There are some restrictions on locations if you are planning on a wedding in a public place. These restrictions should be addressed before the wedding plans are made. There are always alternatives to any wedding decision. If you want an outdoor wedding you will have to consider the most comfortable time to have such an event so in that way there are restrictions. If you are going to gift wedding favors there are also no rules. In fact, you do not have to gift wedding favors if you do not wish too. Many couples feel it is a good step to take as a thank you to your guests for sharing in their wedding as a witness. I have found guests truly enjoy a well thought our favor even if it has a small monetary value. The reception is another part of a wedding that some couples choose to side step but it can be the part of the wedding that holds the most memories as everyone enjoys themselves. It is your wedding and your wedding plans so the bottom line is plan your dream wedding and just enjoy it.

Choosing the napkins

Sally and Monica had been friends for the last few years. They both had moved to the smaller community just days apart and found a comfortable friendship right away. They felt as though they had known each other all of their lives. They had so much in common. They were both getting married in the same month and both had a wedding to plan. This was a perfect scenario for them. They were able to plan their weddings together. They planned together but their weddings were very different in design and style. Sally felt that a simple wedding was more her style while Monica felt that she wanted an elegant ceremony that was all about the details. Sally wanted to have simple plain napkins and Monica opted for the more elegant personalized napkins. It seemed each decision was very different and yet the two girls were thrilled to be doing it together. The wedding planner was having fun with it as well whether they were choosing centerpieces or personalized napkins the girls made planning fun. They decided to use the same wedding planner so they could both work with her at the same time. The three ended up being the best of friends from the planning of the two weddings. They planned their entire weddings one decision at a time as a team. When Sally’s wedding came first they were all excited to see how their decisions looked as the wedding took place. It was perfect. Just one week later came Monica’s wedding. It also went without a single glitch. After the weddings were completed the two couples went on their honeymoons together. They had a blast vacationing as friends.

The energy of the mind

A blindfold is no match for the energy of the mind. Your brain still believes it may understand your body going, creating visual sounds of motion even though it is quite impossible to see, even when surrounded in blackness. Mental performance’s ability to detect shadows of move with no actual visible stimulation in a total of 129 individuals across five experiments was used to examine this hypothesis. Brought to feel they might be sporting a defective blindfold, between 50 and 75-percent of the topics in the various assessments reported to be able to notice shadows in their palms waving in the front of the face, although blindfolds actually allowed no light to move across. Even in the entire lack of outside visual stimulation, the mind forecasts visual consequences of measures.
On the smoothness of the their vision actions to be sure the individuals really did believe they were seeing something, the investigator kept tabs. Without a genuine thing to lock onto, vision movements are usually quite jerky. Merely knowing one’s own hand location in space is inadequate to generate easy pursuit eye movements so that it appears the smooth eye movements of participants were driven by true visible sensation.” In full darkness, the individuals who said they might see something when they waved their hands around has easy eye movements. The result appeared to become even higher for people whose perceptions of various feelings are linked. Within the study were more likely to understand moves within the dark, and were better able to monitor the trail in their own fingers. We get such trusted experience of the view of our very own hand moving that our brains learn to call the anticipated moving picture also without actual visible input.

Favors Rescued

I guess she wasn’t totally to blame. There were a few hints along the way that I should have paid attention to and taken as red flag indicators of her insanity. To start, she didn’t have any friends. I just figured she was a bit lonely but I should have noticed the lack of companionship right off the bat. Second, she blamed all of her problems on her mother. It was always her mother’s fault. I know parents make mistakes but by the time someone is well into their 50’s I think it’s time to stop blaming everything that goes wrong in their life on their dead mother. But the real sign was when she brought me into the kitchen and showed me the set of potsand pans that she’d rescued from her failed marriage. The only of her wedding favors she’d managed to salvage. The only good thing, she told me, which ever came out of that marriage. These were the little things I could deal with but when she stopped sleeping and started eating all of my food I grew resentful of her. I rarely left my room and when I did it was to use the bathroom or to get out of the apartment and as far away from her as I possibly could. Next time I know to be a bit more cautious when moving in with people I meet on the Internet.

Why Aren’t the Favors Here?

I picked up the phone and dialed the number. It had been far too long since I had any contact with the wedding company that was responsible for shipping the custom made wedding favors to me. They were recommended to me and were suppose to be the best company in town. So far they were not living up to their expectations. The phone rang once. Then it rang twice. After a third ring, an answering machine sung into my ear. “Thank you for phoning The Wedding Veil. We are unable to take your call right now. If you could please leave your name, number, and a quick message, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Have a great day.” I hung up the phone in disgust. It had been the same message for the last several times that I phoned. I had left over three messages now. The wedding favors were the last thing that needed to be done before the wedding. Everything else had gone well without any stalls or delays. I picked up the phone again and dialed a different number. It rang twice before getting picked up. “Hello,” a curious voice said. “Hi,” I said. “Rick, I’m having issues with the wedding company. I can’t get through to them. We may have to find a different company to help us.”

Getting Ready For a Magnificent Wedding

“Thank you for helping us. Our wedding must be simply fabulous,” the woman

Her name was Veri. She was a short and elegant looking woman. She had
slightly dark brown skin.

“Don’t worry, ma’am. We’ll help you with whatever you need,” the store
clerk said.

The store clerk was a veteran of the wedding industry. His name was

“We would like to have wedding decorations,” Veri said. “Money is not an
issue. We can pay whatever we need to create the perfect wedding.”

“What kind of theme are you looking for with these wedding decorations?”
Clark asked.

Veri pulled out a book. She flipped to a marked page.

“I would like our wedding to resemble that,” Veri said.

Clark looked down at the page dumbfounded. What the woman wanted was
beyond extravagant. It looked liked the palace of some ancient desert
king. He was glad for the woman that money was not an issue.

“That is quite the vision, ma’am. It’s going to be very expensive, but it
can be done. It will take some time to gather everything. I hope the
wedding isn’t soon,” Clark said.

“It’s six months away. We wanted to plan early,” Veri said.
“That’s good, ma’am. That should give us enough time,” Clark said. “Let
me give you the number to my manager. He will be able to keep you updated
on the progress.

Wedding Blooms Give Hope

Have you ever taken the time to really study the art of growing orchids? Everyone thinks they are so difficult to grow. I made that same mistake once. I tried several different common varieties because you get sucked in when you see them on display at the garden centers. They are so exotic and unique. How many times did I purchase one, and I either over or under watered them. I think that is one of the most common mistakes an orchid owner can make. Honestly, they are one of the most simple flowers you can grow. The main rule of thumb is when you think they are dying, they really are not. They do lose their blooms and look tragically pitiful for a few weeks in between their blooming season. Don’t throw them in the trash during this time. Continue to water them on schedule and trim back the brown stems. Before you know it you will see it beginning to bud again and bloom just as beautifully as before. Patience is the key to a successful orchid plant. As a matter of fact, I am so certain that anyone can do it, I am passing them out as wedding favors for my upcoming ceremony. I know they will be beautiful on the tables and each will be sent to a good home. I think they will be a great representation of love blossoming into a beautiful and lasting relationship.

Crafty Invitations

You sit at your art table creating beautiful wedding invitations. You have always had a flair for creative artwork, and you are partnered with a wedding company. Your hand crafted wedding invitations are a big hit on the market. You’ve been crafting for this company for the last several years, and you have yet to disappoint. You like to use a variety of mediums when creating these cards. At the moment, you are using water color paints. You love the way that you can blend color together with this medium. It is also a fairly simple medium to work with. It always seems as if you never finish with what you had envisioned. As you get into the painting, new ideas spring forth and come alive. Each and every card is completely unique. You take your time with each card, as they all deserve to be special. You dip the brush in the jar of water and dap it onto the paper. You then run the brush along the pallet to pick up just the right color. Slowly, you touch the tip of the saturated brush on the damp paper where the water is. You watch as the color takes root inside the paper. It’s like watching a cloudy spider web materialize on the page. This is where the art forms itself, rather than you forming it.

With Sand and Love

The couple walked together up to the altar. Their friends and family were sitting in rows behind them, watching intently. On top of the altar were two vases filled with sand. There was blue sand in the one on the right, and yellow in the one to the left. Resting in-between the two vases was a glass vessel. Carved into the glass was a message. It said, “Carla and Mason, together forever.” Carla took her left hand and took Mason’s. With her right hand she picked up the yellow vase and began the sand ceremony. Mason mirrored her, picking up the blue vase with his right hand. Slowly, they raised them over the glass vessel. The sand ceremony was something that they wanted to do for their wedding. It was a beautiful symbol that represented their commitment for each other. It was very important to them that they performed the ceremony themselves rather than allowing a Priest or Justice of the Peace to perform it for them. Slowly, they tipped over their vases, and poured the sand into the container below. The sand flowed into the vessel and mixed together, creating a wonderful green color. Like the sand in the vessel, Carla and Mason were now together. Also like the sand, they could not be separated. They turned to their guests and raised the vessel up between them.

Inspiration For Favors

If you are shopping for ideas while planning a wedding you can get inspiration from everywhere. We took a small vacation to enjoy a quiet moment before we began planning. In a small country shop, outside of the town we were visiting, we found the perfect wedding favors. We bought small jars of syrups that had been made locally. We were able to sit down in their little eating area, that they referred to as a restaurant, and enjoy the many flavors so we could decide on which flavors we wanted. We loved them all so a choice was impossible. They actually had a gift pack that featured the many flavors so the decision was obvious. The syrups were also in very nice bottles that would prove useful when they were empty as well. That worked perfectly because all they would need would be perhaps some ribbon and a thank you card. Easy enough. We loaded up the car and drove the many miles we had in front of us while discussing the fact we had our wedding favors before we had anything else. If the rest of the wedding was going to work out this smoothly we were going to have a good time with the planning process. We knew our guests would love this ” favor find” as much as we did. We bought us a set as well so we could enjoy the flavors ourselves. After all the point of gift giving is to give something you would like yourself!